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Ayurworld is Specialist in Ayurvedic Health, Beauty and Well-being. At Ayurworld, we  provide Health Consultations with our Specialized Ayurvedic Doctors for number of health issues,Authentic  Ayurvedic  Massage Therapies  with expert Massage Therapists from Kerala,Ayurvedic Beauty Treatments,Well Being advice and Yoga  all under one roof.Ayurveda is ancient system of healthcare originating from India over 3,000 years ago. Ayurveda is part of a growing global shift toward holistic natural healing, and we are proud to offer a range of over 30 Ayurvedic therapies specifically chosen to suit your individual needs.

What We Do

Who We are

We are Ayurvedic Helath,Beauty & Well Being Centre.
With more than 9 years experience in Heston, London we are committed to provide authentic Ayurvedic Health,Beauty and Well Being services to our clients.
You can get Health check up and consultation for number of health issues, you can find wide range of authentic Ayurvedic herbs on our shelves , You can get Therapeutic Ayurvedic Massage for your specific requirements as well as Relaxing Massage if you simply want deep relaxation and pampering all under one roof of Ayurworld .

Why Choose US

Our highly qualified and experienced Ayurvedic Practitioners not only diagnose clients constitution but finds out root cause of any health condition and makes tailor made Ayurvedic Herbal Mixtures, recommends appropriate Massage/ Detox therapies along with Diet Plan to follow .

Our Massage therapists are qualified,experienced and expert in all Ayurvedic Massages .They understand nature of every pain and sends client out of the room pain free .

We do stock wide range of Ayurvedic Herbs useful for number of health conditions .

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