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Ayurveda refers Vitiligo as shwitra. Shwitra is characterised by white patches and considering these it can be compared with Vitiligo.
Vitiligo is clinically presented with hypopigmentation of skin surface which results due to destruction of melanocytes.In contemporary science medicine treatment is not very effective rather limited to potent topical steroids whereas Ayurveda offers an effective treatment for Shwitra(Vitiligo) without causing any harm to skin.
Ayurveda says the reasons for sudden appearance of vitiligo is unbeneficial food and lifestyle(viruddha aahaar vihara) .This cause tridosha prakopa (specially Bhrajak Pitta which helps in maintaining colour of skin).This leads to vitiation (defects) of dhatus(rakta,rasa etc) finally causing hypopigmentation of skin.
Once Clinical assessment is done at Ayurworld we can let you know whether vitiligo of a patient is curable or not ,depending on the symptoms. Ayurveda also says vitiligo which are very chronic or caused due to burn incurable.
Line of treatment includes oral medicine,external application and if required purgation is also done for pitta shodhan.
Treatment for Shwitra under Ayurveda is generally long,patient should keep patience and maintain trust towards the medicine as it takes nearly 4 to 6 months for the first few results to appear.
If you are having any new white patch on skin Book your Consultation now with one of our practitioners.