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Urticaria is very common condition, also known as hives. This is usually seen as an allergic reaction and many patients start wondering actually what has triggered the allergy. So it becomes a  job of hunting to find out what is causing allergy and what is not. We do regularly see patients coming with long list of things they are allergic to.

Ayurveda  does not recommend to give up the things you are allergic to forever ;but to correct the imbalance in the body which is causing allergic reactions. Pitta in the body when goes out of balance and comes in contact with Sheet ( Cold) quality of Vata pathology takes place of Sheet- Pitta which is nothing but Urticaria.

We have seen patients in Ayurworld who keeps taking Anti allergic  medicines for years and years. This helps them to control symptom for time being but this does not cures the problem.  The Liver is the main site of Pitta and if the toxins are present in the Liver they will flare up if they get favourable internal or external conditions. This is the reason itching and burning can be seen more often in the evening or at night when its Pitta time of the day.  Ayurveda offers complete relief from this by detoxifying Liver and balancing Pitta and Vata.

Ayurworld offers a complete cure for this condition. If you are suffering with Urticaria, Book your Consultation now with one of our Ayurvedic Practitioner.