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The World of Ayurveda

An Ayurvedic consultation is an essential tool in Ayurveda, and provides the key to improving overall health while promoting self-preservation and positive well-being. According to Ayurvedic theory, in order to understand a person’s health accurately, we must first understand the person fully – that is the entire physical, mental, emotional and personal make-up of an individual. This requires assessment methods such as questioning, observation, pulse and tongue analysis. Only following a consultation, Ayurvedic Practitioner can give recommendations on diet, lifestyle, herbal remedies and body treatments effective for each client .
Our Ayurvedic consultation is performed by one of our expert Ayurvedic doctors who have vast experience in assessing health needs of individuals according to traditional Ayurvedic texts.The session lasts for around 45 minutes and we will determine your Prakruti (your basic body type / dosha balance according to Ayurvedic theory), your Vikruti (imbalances in your make-up, provide treatments and herbal advice, as well as give dietary and lifestyle advice. We can also provide instruction on yoga postures suitable for you, Meditation/Stress Management techniques and Detox if needed.
The consultation involves taking a detailed case history, completing a dosha analysis questionnaire and making a visual examination of your body – paying attention to build, skin, hair, temperature, blood pressure, and so on. It will also involve an Ayurvedic reading of your pulse – known as Nadi Pariksha.
Ultimately, the key to health lies with understanding your Doshic Constitution. How you live physically, mentally and emotionally will either keep you healthy, or cause an unbalance and make you susceptible to health problems. By determining how and why you become ill, we can adapt the insight that Ayurveda provides into a lifestyle that is suited to your individual needs.
If a full consultation is not to your liking and you just want to visit us for massage therapies for relaxation or rejuvenation we do offer a basic health check which is free of charge which does not include the Dosha analysis or personalized health advice.

Dr Abhijit Shinde

B.A.M.S.,M.D., D.P.CH.,M.I.A.A.,M.A.P.A.

Dr Abhijit Shinde  is senior Ayurvedic Practitioner in Ayurworld. He has completed Masters of Doctorate (M.D.) in Ayurved Samhita from Pune , India . He has learned Ayurvedic clinical skills in traditional Guru- Shishya culture with Vd, Sameer Jamadagni ,renowned Ayurvedic physician in India.

Dr Abhijit has 17 years of experience in Ayurvedic clinical practice. He was Lecturer in Ayurvedic Medical college ,Wagholi , Pune India. Since 2009 Dr Abhijit is using his Ayurvedic clinical skills for the patients in UK. SO far he has treated more than 8000 patients with various health issues including Arthritis, Eczema , Psoriasis, Anxiety, Depression,Sciatica,Erectile Dysfunction,Diabetes, High Blood Pressure ,frozen shoulder just to name few.

He his having vision to promote Ayurvedic knowledge in western world. With this intention he has started Ayurworld Academy under which he runs various Ayurvedic courses.

Dr Pragati Shinde


Dr Pragati has Completed Batchelor’s of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery degree in
2002 and since then she is Practicing Ayurveda.She is having clinical experience more than 17 years . Gynacological disorders and Infertility is her specialty . She has treated thousands of patients in UK since 2009 . Her friendly nature and passion of Ayurveda has made her most favorite Ayurvedic Practitioner in Ayurworld.