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The World of Ayurveda

Sciatica Pain (Grudhrasi)

In Ayurveda Sciatica is described as Grudhrasi. Sciatica is the general term used for pain originating from the sciatica nerve. When Sciatica nerve is irritated then pain arises. This pain can be mild to severe ,patient can also experience burning sensation or also sudden bolt of lightning . Sciatica Nerve pain travels from the buttocks to the back of thigh into the leg. Some patients can also experience pain traveling from buttocks up to the foot. In Contemporary medicine, treatment includes only pain killers which could give relief for few hours but is not the solution.

Ayurveda says it is the vitiated Vata Dosha that causes this pain. The reason for Vata vitiation can be Vata aggravating food or lifestyle. Line of treatment in Ayurveda emphasises on correction of doshas so as to maintain equilibrium of Vata ,Pitta, Kapha.

Treatment in Ayurveda includes intake of Ayurvedic Herbal Medicines, various Massage Therapies, and rejuvenation of body tissues to regain strength and vitality.

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