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Eczema is very common disease which impacts on not only body but also effects mind .In Ayurveda Eczema is generally referred as  vicharchika. This disease generally  presents with symptoms including skin lesions having intense itching with or without discharge.

According to Ayurveda causative factors of eczema include long term consumption of incompatible food substances, heavy to digest substances or sour food . Family History of similar illness can also be the reason.

Ayurveda says above mentioned food habits cause tridosha prakopa which leads to vitiation(defects) in dhatus(skin, blood etc).And this is presented by symptoms including dry skin ,rashes with or without discharge.

Ayurvedic line of management aims to remove toxins from the body and also to improve immune system ,which eventually leads to healing of skin.

Ayurworld  offers complete solution for eczema which can include oral administration of Ayurvedic Herbs, intake of medicated ghee or therapies(abhyanga) depending on the intensity of the disease.

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