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On the basis of symptoms Sandhigatavata can be corelated to Osteoarthritis in Ayurveda. Sandhigatavata is the commonest form of articular disorder Sandhigatvata means provoked Vata in joints(sandhi) which causes symptoms sotha(inflammation) ,pain and restricted movement of joints on flexion and extension. This disorder generally occurs in old age which makes it kashtasadhya (difficult to treat)

No Specific reasons have been described in Ayurveda for Sandhigatavata but anything causing vata aggravation results into Sandhigatavata. This means vata aggravating food or lifestyle are the main cause of this disease. Ayurveda also says dhatukshaya (loss of asthi,majja etc which could be due to deficiency of minerals and vitamins) can also be one of the main reason.

Contemporary science medicine has its own limitation in managing this disease. Whereas such type of conditions can be better treated by procedures and medicines mentioned in Ayurveda.

In Ayurveda, the treatment of Sandhigata vata is aimed at reducing Vata dosha and to increase free movement of joints.

Ayurveda line of management includes changes in diet and lifestyle ,intake of oral medicines ,therapies including local abhyanga or swedana ,also depending on the sign and symptoms patient can be advised Basti Chikitsa. Basti Chikitsa is said to be one of the best treatment for vataj vyadhies.

In Ayurworld  many patients of Osteoarthrits have got relief with our ayurvedic approach.If you are having pain in joints or have Osteoarthritis ,you can book a consultation with any of our practitioners.