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What Is Panchakarma ?

Panchakarma literally means ‘five actions’ and it involves five different types of treatments to remove excess of toxins and restore energy flow throughout all organ systems and tissues.This process cleanses the cell walls at the deepest levels,and further rebuilds immunity and strength.

Panchakarma is a cleansing and rejuvenating programme for the body and mind.It is known for its beneficial effects on overall health,wellness and self healing.Panchakarma aims to reverse the negative effects of day-to-day stress and environmental toxins by removing these toxins from your body and restoring balance to your system.


How does it works ?

According to Ayurvedic medical science there are five basic elements:Earth,Water,Fire,Air,Space.These elements are present in our body and they work in harmony with each other to keep balanced body and mind.These elements combine to form the three Doshas or basic physiologiocal forces that govern all bodily functions.The three doshas are called as Vata,Pitta and ,Kapha .Each person has uniq blend of these doshas ,which is why Ayurvedic treatment is always individualised.The disease is viewd as state of imabalance in one or more Doshas within an individual.

Each of these Doshas as a precise energetic combination of the elements,has a primary site in the body,and tends to accumulate as excess in a particular organ.Kapha tends to accumulate in Stomach and Lungs,Pitta tends to accumulate in Gall bladder,small intestines and Liver,Vata tends to accumulate in Colon.Panchakarma is the complete detoxification process for these three Doshas from their acccumulating sites in the body .

Generally, Panchakarma is always explained as Detox. Well, we agree it is a Detox, but this is not only physical Detox as western world understands it or has been practicing it. Panchakarma is a Sanskrit word derived from ‘Pancha’ means five and ‘Karma’ means specific procedures.

In Ayurveda there are two approaches to treat any Samprapti(Pathology)-

  1. Shaman Chikitsa (Pacifying Treatment) -Pacifying or balancing Dosha’s in Body with Ayurvedic Herbs, Diet and Lifestyle changes.

2.Shodhan Chikitsa(Purification/Evacuatory/eliminatory Treatment)-Eliminating vitiated Dosha’s from the system .

We should highlight here one important thing that Ayurvedic treatments are always intended to break /treat Samprapti(Pathology) of any health condition. It does not have intention to subside only Rupa(Symptoms) of any health condition.

Among these two approaches Shodhan Chikitsa(Purification/Evacuatory/Eliminatory Treatment) eliminates cause of pathology and hence treats health condition from its root cause.

There are five specific procedures –

  1. Vaman – Biopurifactory therapeutic emesis
  2. Virechana-Biopurifactory therapeutic purgation
  3. Basti -Biopurifactory therapeutic enema .
  4. Nasya- Therapeutic nasal root administration
  5. Raktamokshan-Therapeutic bloodletting.

Acharya Charak has not mentioned Raktamokshan as part of panchakarma. He has mentioned two types of Basti – Sneha Basti (Oil Enema) and Niruha Basti(Decoction Enema) .

In Panchakarma, Purification of Dosha like Vata, Pitta and Kapha takes place and not only of Toxins present in any specific part of the body. We have seen many clients have misunderstood Basti Therapy as colonic Irrigation. Basti is the therapy to Purify /Eliminate Vata from entire body and not only toxins from colon alone. If Vata, Pitta and Kapha remains in balanced state there is no way any pathology can take place in any system of body .

Depending on various health conditions our expert Ayurvedic doctors will decide best of these procedure for you   or may be combination of this .

I have specific health condition will Panchakarma benefit me ?

Yes.Panchakarma is not generalized detox programme same for everyone.

It is very individualized physical and mental detox programmed tailor-made depending on your health concerns ,constitution (Body Type),age and strength of the person .


I dont  have any health issue can I still do Panchakarma ?

Yes ,ofcourse. You dont need to be diseased to do Panchakarma. Infact Ayurveda recommends Panchakarma to prevent any diseased condition in future .Everyone should do Panchakarma once in a year to prevent any future medical conditions.

How long is the Process?

Actual panchakarma session lasts for 5 to 7 days and is tailored to your specific constitution and state of health.But Prepanchakarma phase involves one week of home preperation with consumption of Herbal Medicated Ghee provided by us.

Also you need to follow specific tailor-made diet for 7 days after Panchakarma.

 How to Start?

Starting with detailed consultation with our qualified Ayurveic Doctor we gather information to identify your individual constitution and present condition at a physical,emotional,mental and spiritual level.Accordingly the practitioner will choose treatments and herbs for your Panchakarma programme which will most efficiently induce a state of natural balance.

What benefits I can expect with Panchakarma?

Panchakarma breaks down pathology ( Samprapti)of the health concern  for which we have planned Panchakarma.

Ayurworld offers Panchakarma programmes with focus on enhancing meditative awareness of body and mind.General benefits of Panchakarma includes-

  • Elimination of toxins at physical,emotional and mental level
  • Enhancement of cellular function and vitality
  • Strengthening of immune system and resistance to illness
  • Balanced state of Doshas
  • Reversal of stress effects on all organ systems and slowing of aging process
  • Depper sense of relaxation,self confidence and wellbeing
  • Increases theglow and luster on Skin.

How to Book Panchakarma?

Bookings can be made by phone or email.Based on your consultation with our practitioners we will tailor make your 5 or 7 days Panchakarma Programme.Bookings need to be confirmed at least 48 hours prior to the first Panchakarma session.At that time you will need to pay 50% booking deposit for your Panchakarma Programme.We accept all credit and debit cards except American Express.Full payment can be done on the first day of your Panchakarma.Total cost will depend on number of treatments and type of tratments we will be offering during Panchakarma Programme.


Each Panchakarma programme requires specific preparation before your arrival.The days booked for your Panchakarma sessions are entirely dedicated to you,so it is important to keep your dates confirmed.Please note that appointments must be cancelled or rescheduled at least 48 hours in advance.There is no charge for rescheduling your appointment but missed appointments will be charged in full .


It is not possible to perform Panchakarma during menstruation,so please plan your dates accordingly.If you start menstruation during the programme,we will need to stop all treatments and re-book for later time.


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